XP Repair Pro Review

by Rod Dunne on December 12, 2010

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XP Repair Pro Review - Benefits, features and problems with the latest version.
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Since its launch in 2005, XP Repair Pro has quickly become one of the must-have utilities to optimize, repair and clean registry files. With almost 3 million downloads there is already an extensive customer base (always a good sign) and that feeds back into the ongoing development of the product and its database of 60,000+ registry repair fixes. This XP Repair Pro review takes a look at the latest 2010 edition to see how it fairs against the growing competition.

Note: What may discourage some users is the use of ‘XP’ in the product name – it is not solely a Window XP registry cleaner. It actually supports Windows Vista, XP, Server 2008, Server 2003, Windows 2000, ME & 98SE.


The download and installation are quick and easy to complete. The initial download pulls down the latest database of computer errors. The scan itself is free to try.

XP Repair Pro | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

XP Repair Pro is able to do a regular scan of the registry for the usual faults (broken address links, deleted folder references, etc.) and then uses the database of errors to check for commonly found registry and system faults. The database currently checks for over 60,000 faults on your computer. The error repair scan takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

The user interface itself is fairly intuitive to use. Most people are usually not concerned about the technicalities of what it fixes so the simplified scan, report & repair option can easily fix a registry without the user needing to understand or be concerned about the changes. This scan also includes a startup optimizer to improve boot performance.

That said, advanced users can customize which checks they wish to run if targeting specific types of faults as part of a PC service, and the in-depth documentation is worth reviewing to understand the background of these issues.

The registry backup functionality (a.k.a. Recovery Center in the product) automatically backs up the registry prior to completing any registry repair. This should be a mandatory feature of any tool that modifies the registry. XP Repair Pro lets you browse the changes and easily restore/ roll back to earlier versions of the registry if required. See our article detailing other computer backup options.

Support and Services

The support site (http://www.xprepairpro.com/support.php) has FAQs and a large knowledge base of articles. The customer support is primarily via email or their own ticket tracking system. There does not appear to be phone/chat support.

Value Added Features

Aside from the registry repairs, this regedit cleaner now also includes
-    A registry defragmenter: Collating data that is often used by the registry.
-    Hard disk cleaning utility: Removing temp files, cached data, etc.
-    Startup program manager: Pick and choose which applications are run during boot up
-    Anonymous internet: Use their servers as a form of proxy to the internet so you can safely browse the net.

The database of errors it fixes is automatically topped up by regular program updates so the product can continually be finding new errors.

Flaws/Setbacks/Possible Disadvantages

It is questionable if some of the new features sit well with the products Windows XP repair roots.

The anonymous internet feature seems completely separate from what the tools is about. Sure, it is nice to have but it looks like an add-on to the product. Likewise, the hard drive cleaning tool is nice to have bundled in the one tool but doesn’t fit with the rest of the feature set. It won’t help you to do hard drive repair, but may help speed up the PC a little by freeing up space for virtual memory.

Perhaps the product roadmap is moving towards maintenance functionality as well as PC repairs, in which case these features may make sense at a later stage.


Products like Registry Easy have a similar feature set and can do the same standard scans. XP Repair Pro does however also check for its proprietary list of 60,000 computer errors it has identified which is something that other registry cleaners do not have.

The one other product that does have a dynamic database of computer errors is Reimage. This is an online PC repairs service, as opposed to the ‘download & install’ nature of XP Repair Pro. In addition, Reimage targets faults on the file system (replacing damaged/out-of-date files belonging to the OS, software or device drivers) as well as the registry.


Check out our article on the three best registry cleaner utilities to see how this product compares to 2 of its competitors.


XP Repair Pro does registry repair safely and effectively. The momentum behind its development and the database of 60,000 common errors it fixes means that this product should easily keep growing in size & popularity in the coming years. Both novices and IT professionals will find the product easy to use.

XP Repair Pro | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

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