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by Rod Dunne on January 3, 2011

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Window XP Registry Cleaner | Selecting a suitable software utility
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It is quite common now to use a Window XP registry cleaner as part of your home computer repair activities. The registry is a critical system file so maintaining the state of its key settings is essential, especially on older XP machines. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the products you can choose and some selection choices you need to make when picking a Windows registry cleaner.

Suggested Window XP registry cleaner

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Selecting a Microsoft Windows XP registry cleaner

When picking a Windows XP registry cleaner, there are some key choices you have to make, as follows:

  • Free/commercial: You could go for a freeware application (for example, CCleaner) or opt for some of the more functionally rich commercial tools (for example, Registry Easy or XP Repair Pro). The commercial products are generally more reliable due to the fact that they have been more extensively tested. In addition, they usually provide more specialist performance improvements to registry key settings.
  • Functionality: Each Microsoft Windows registry cleaner will try to differentiate itself based on functionality. Many products will even include options that are totally unrelated to the registry (e.g. disk cleaners). In truth, the functions that are most useful are (i) registry repair and optimization, (ii) registry backups and (iii) registry defragmentation.
  • Popularity (customer base & reviews): It is easy to get an impression of how product works based on individual customer reviews. To be extra certain of a products capability then it is also worth considering the size of its existing customer base and the amount of positive reviews it has. This information is usually freely available on many of the larger download websites so should be used to assess how popular/effective product actually is.

General usage tips for your Microsoft Windows registry cleaner

No matter which Window XP registry cleaner you end up installing, there are still some general usage tips worth knowing that can help improve how they perform.

  1. Make backups regularly: The backup function of any Microsoft Windows registry cleaner is just as useful as the repair functionality itself. If you have backup versions saved onto disk then it can easily be restored if the registry file itself becomes damaged because of corruption or viruses. It is also worth storing these backups to an external CD/HDD.
  2. Clear out applications first: In order to really test the product, you could try removing unused software utilities from your hard drive first. This invariably leaves some key settings in the registry file. Run a scan after the uninstall to see if your application is able to pick up on any legacy/redundant data.
  3. Always restart after a repair: As with any home computer repair work, you should restart the PC in order for the changed registry keys to be reloaded by the operating system. This gives you the opportunity to test out if the changes have had a performance/other benefit, and more critically, whether the changes have introduced any system bugs. If problems do arise, resort back to using an earlier backup version.

Suggested Windows XP registry cleaner

  • Registry Easy: Utility tool that cleans, repairs and optimizes the registry file. Free scan available.

Registry Easy | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

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