Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Up | Program Issues

by Rod Dunne on January 14, 2011

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Each time I find myself wondering why does my computer keep freezing up my initial concern relates to what applications could be causing this. Here I’ll show you how to pinpoint what services or applications could be at the roof the problem.

New apps

If you have recently installed a new application and the computer keeps freezing up as a result then it is fairly apparent that this program may be at fault. You could check straightaway to see if there are updates or known performance issues on the manufacturer’s website.

Tools to help find the problem

More generally, it may not be so easy to pinpoint a specific software application to blame. Begin your research by opening up the task manager on the processes tab [Windows 7 users can make use of Resmon]. Here you will be able to see what applications and services are running at the current time. You can also see how much RAM memory they’re using.

Your focus should be to look at which applications are using a comparatively huge amount of memory. Sort the list of applications according to the CPU/mem usage to do this.

Repair problem apps

Once you have identified applications that appear to be using a large amount of memory then you can start trying to fix them. If they are programs which you are not particularly loyal to, or really need, then you can uninstall them or replace them with a competitor’s product.

However, it is more usual that you want to keep the product. The first check to do is to see if there are any updates via the menu section of the program. You can also check the manufacturer’s website directly to see if there are patches or new versions the product.

You should also check the customer support tickets on the maker’s website to see if there are reports of performance issues or computer freezing problems. Lastly, check user forums to see if there are any complaints or configuration changes other users suggest experiencing this problem.

So, working out why does my computer keep freezing up more usually involves getting to the root of which applications to blame. Once it is identified it should be replaced, removed or updated.

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