Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Repeatedly: Check The Log First

by Rod Dunne on January 17, 2011

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If I find myself wondering why does my computer keep freezing repeatedly then the first port of call are the log files. Many users are not aware of these Windows files and how they can be useful with these types of issues. In this article I’ll show you how to locate and use the event viewer log.

Computer freezes are particularly difficult to resolve because of the fact that you don’t get to see any on-screen messages. For many users this can be frustrating as there is nothing to search online. The fact of the matter is that error messages are being tracked but probably do not make it onto the screen.

Introducing The Event Viewer Log

The key utility/log file to use if your computer keeps freezing repeatedly is to check the Event Viewer log [start/run/enter eventvwr]. This log file maintains a list of all the events, actions and exceptions that occur in the system. This includes date-stamped messages relating to the operating system, applications and hardware device drivers.

Once the program is started, go to the date stamped messages that occurred in the moments before the computer froze on the last location. In particular you want to look out for any error codes or messages being displayed.

If you are lucky then these relate to specific applications so you can pinpoint what this problem is. Moreover, you will be able to research these error codes on the web and that the manufacturer’s own website.

OS & Registry Problems

If the problem is more general then you may see error messages relating to the operating system or registry files. These should be researched on the Microsoft support website primarily we can also do a general search on the web. If you are in luck then other users have experienced the same issue and have attempted different workarounds.

And that’s it! If I need to understand why does my computer keep freezing repeatedly then the event viewer log file is really the main tool to use, along with some online research of error codes.

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