Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Randomly: Hardware Issues You Can Fix

by Rod Dunne on February 20, 2011

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If you’re asking yourself why does my computer keep freezing randomly then the first concern you should have is mechanical problems. In this article I’ll show you how to check for different types of mechanical faults or component problems which could be leading to the issue.

1. Registry Problems

On the majority of occasions, computer freezes are due to bugs in the software or operating system. In particular, issues with the registry file (which can be resolved using a registry cleaner such as XP Repair Pro). However, the major concern is that there is some type of hardware fault so should always check these types of issues first.

2. Listen for signs of damage

The starting point is to listen for sounds or signs of damage. If the motor is starting to fail on the hard disk then it will start making a ticking noise repeatedly as it is in operation. If the disk spindles, bearings or disk platters are misaligned or seizing up then you hear grinding noises. Each of these faults is critical and repairs should not be attempted by amateurs. Shut down the PC and contact a computer service technician immediately.

If everything sounds fine then you can proceed to doing some component checks.

3. Component Checks

Start by opening up the PC and checking that all connecting cables are securely fastened. The IDE ribbon should be securely connected from the hard drive to the motherboard. Likewise all power connector cables. Check all of the input/output pins are undamaged or bent.

With PC open it is also recommended to clear out any dust from fan filters, fans and air vents. It is best to use a can of compressed air for doing this.

Restart the PC and go directly to the BIOS menu. From here you can check to see if there are any hardware conflicts or CPU temperatures are becoming excessive (i.e. overheating).

When the computer restarts fully you can use the Device Manager utility to check hardware peripherals and components for any signs of faults. It details if there are any device driver issues or hardware conflicts. The step-by-step wizard provided with the tool can be quite useful and suggesting remedies.

So, next time you’re trying to work out why does my computer keep freezing randomly then make sure to do some hardware checks first and backup your data as omitting these checks could result in data loss if the hardware overheats or disk platters or severely misaligned.

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