Using Web Based Services to Do a Laptop Data Backup

by Rod Dunne on December 11, 2011

in Backup Software, Laptop

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Increases in broadband speeds have helped make online laptop data backup services more viable. Users can now rapidly backup/upload files to online servers. In this article I’ll show you what is involved in using one of these services and some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with them.

Prior to 10 years ago these types of services could not be provided as Internet connections in most households were to slow. However, many ISPs can now rapidly upload gigabytes of files online servers for safekeeping.

Recommended online laptop data backup services

iDrive/My Live Drive provides 2GB of space for a full laptop backup. Data is stored online so doesn’t require external hard drives to store the backup data.

Using Services

There are numerous services to choose from with many operating on a subscription basis according to certain upload limits. This really is an ideal solution for individuals who want to make a laptop data backup while traveling away from the office or home.


  • You can get at your data from any PC using a password-protected interface to the online backup service.
  • Your data is copied to multiple backup servers so even if one goes down you can still access your data (i.e. backup redundancy).
  • The services provide you with client applications you install on the laptop which can be automated to run backups on a scheduled basis or continuously.


  • You still need a fast Internet connection to use the services. This is especially the case on the initial backup phase where you will be uploading a large amount of files. Subsequent synchronization activities are done a lot faster since the service will only update/upload a delta of files that have changed or new.
  • You may experience some bandwidth contingency while the services are uploading over your Internet connection.
  • You have to weigh up the monthly subscription costs involved in such a service.
  • There are limits to the capacity allocated to you on the backup server. This means that you may only be able to do a partial laptop data backup. Storing a ghost image of an entire laptop drive would be impossible in most cases.

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