Tools That Impact Your Ability to Recover USB Files

by Rod Dunne on December 4, 2011

in Data Recovery

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It is now possible to recover USB files quite simply using data recovery applications. However, these tools can never guarantee being able to find your files 100% of the time. In particular, some software tools you use on a day-to-day basis could actually affect the data recovery process. Here I’ll show you two main types of tools which can affect successful file retrieval.

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Data defragmentation utilities

Data defragmenters are commonly used tools which help speed up the performance of your hard drive, and the PC in general. When you store a single file to the disk it results in multiple fragments/data clusters being stored in several locations around the disk.

This makes accessing these fragments much slower since the read/write head has to move to a number of locations around the disk platter. The defragmentation process simply reorganizes clusters so that they can be accessed in one single read.

The problems for trying to recover USB files is that reorganizing clusters on the disk actually uses any available free space on the drive memory. This could include files that were deleted, formatted or corrupted (the data clusters belonging to these types of files may be flagged available to reuse by the disk management system).

Your chances of successfully being able to recover formatted data/deleted files increases if your disk is left in a fragmented state or is relatively un-fragmented.

Disk repair/disk checking applications

Disk drive memory can become corrupted over time and develop bad sectors. Disk checking and disk error repair tools can be used to analyze and attempt to repair bad sectors. The process does however use any available free space on the drive when analyzing or moving around data clusters to attempt repairs.

This can impact your ability to recover USB drive contents if the utility has to extensive repairs. If the drive is in a fit state, with relatively few bad sectors, then the application would’ve made minimal changes to your data clusters and data recovery will be more successful.

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