Windows XP Speed Up Tips And Tricks

by Rod Dunne October 27, 2010
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The Windows XP operating system is still widely used by many people who weren’t tempted to upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista. Unfortunately, these aging XP computers experience slow performance if you don’t keep up regular PC system maintenance. Here, we’ll go through some simple Windows XP speed up tips for improving performance. Windows XP (more)

Speed Up Windows: RAM, Disk Drives & Internet Connectivity

by Rod Dunne September 15, 2010

This article looks at the simple PC repair tasks that can help speed up Windows PC performance by focusing in on improving how (i) RAM memory, (ii) disk drives and (iii) your modem and internet connection are being used. It can be frustrating to work on a slow PC and waste a lot of your (more)

How To Speed Up Windows XP

by Rod Dunne August 2, 2010

The brute force approach to fix slow computer performance is to add more memory. But this approach doesn’t resolve what is actually slowing down the computer. Here, we’ll look at how to speed up Windows XP computers using manual and automated methods. The focus is on XP as this system is still in widespread use (more)