Startup Faster: Troubleshooting Boot Performance

by Rod Dunne December 15, 2010

This article takes a look at some simple ways to make your computer startup faster using Windows utilities, computer maintenance software and some simple maintenance tweaks. It is a natural fact that as your computer ages, it will begin to slow down as more applications are installed, the disk drive fills up and the registry (more)

XP Slow Startup Performance Tips

by Rod Dunne November 26, 2010
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Windows XP slow startup performance is often a factor of the number of programs initialized as the system boots up and how these programs are actually performing. In this article, we’ll show how to use PC repair software and Microsoft utilities to improve boot performance. Windows XP slow startup fix: Using msconfig The first task (more)

Slow Startup – Fixing Windows Boot Performance

by Rod Dunne November 1, 2010
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By using computer maintenance software, it should be possible to improve slow startup performance on most versions of the Windows operating system. In this article, we’ll show some of the more common techniques and software utilities to improve slow Windows startup performance. Automating slow computer startup gains using software One of the easier ways to (more)

Computer Running Very Slow – Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

by Rod Dunne August 11, 2010

When you find your computer running very slow it can be difficult to work out what PC repairs to attempt as there is no error or exception to highlight the root of the problem. For this reason, it is worth using a checklist of slow PC causes and solutions in order to improve performance. Slow (more)

Computer Locks Up – Top Ten Solutions

by Rod Dunne August 10, 2010

When a computer locks up you rarely get the chance of seeing a computer error that points you toward a solution. Here, we’ll look at the top 10 solutions to attempt when your computer hangs or freezes up, during a slow startup or regular everyday usage. Hardware: Check all air vents are unimpeded as overheating (more)

Slow Boot Performance In Windows

by Rod Dunne August 10, 2010

Windows has always had a problem with slow boot times. Here we’ll look at ways to avoid the problem, fix slow boot performance and rollback system files for severe start-up issues. The discussion is rounded off with some broader ways to fix slow computer performance that can also improve a slow startup. Slow Boot Up: (more)

Slow Computer Solutions

by Rod Dunne June 30, 2010

Having a computer with a slow startup or general performance issues are some of the most common problems for PC owners. Here, we’ll take a look at some generic slow computer solutions, techniques and computer optimizer utilities to help you get a faster PC. Hardware The largest gains that can be made in PC speed (more)