How To Speed Up My Computer: Upgrades, Maintenance And Repairs

by Rod Dunne August 20, 2010

After researching how to speed up my computer it became clear that there are three principal ways to getting a faster PC – upgrading the hardware, making effective running repairs as faults arise and keeping up regular scheduled maintenance. Here, we’ll look at these three ways to increase computer speed. Upgrades To Hardware/Software It is (more)

Computer Clean Up Options – Picking The Right Software For The Job

by Rod Dunne August 16, 2010

This article takes a look at simple computer clean up activities and tools that help fix computer disk space issues. In addition, it covers how to wipe a computer clean of all personal data when giving away your computer. Recommended Tools Winclear Remo Drive Wipe Evidence Nuker Computer Clean Up Software & Tasks – Freeing (more)

Slow Boot Performance In Windows

by Rod Dunne August 10, 2010

Windows has always had a problem with slow boot times. Here we’ll look at ways to avoid the problem, fix slow boot performance and rollback system files for severe start-up issues. The discussion is rounded off with some broader ways to fix slow computer performance that can also improve a slow startup. Slow Boot Up: (more)

Computer Freezes Up: Common Issues And Solutions

by Rod Dunne August 9, 2010

Most computer problems give you some kind of indication of what the issue is (e.g. a code or message). However, when a computer freezes up you rarely get such helpful information. Here, we’ll look at common causes and solutions to these forms of slow computer problems (hangs & freezes). Computer Freezing Up At Startup The (more)

Why Is My Computer Running Slow?

by Rod Dunne July 19, 2010

If you find yourself pondering “why is my computer running slow?” and “what actually causes computer freezes?”, then the following checklist will cover the bulk of issues that can be causing you problems. They can be attempted in any order you wish, but checking the disk space and scanning for viruses would be highly advised (more)

Why A Computer Freezes And Ways To Fix It

by Rod Dunne June 7, 2010

Understanding why a computer freezes up comes down to establishing what is causing such strain on the PC. This article highlights the causes of a slow computer and some straight forward PC repairs to stop a computer freezing. Before starting into any maintenance work you should be sure to do a laptop backup of any (more)