Low Cost Data Recovery

by Rod Dunne December 11, 2010

Losing any amount of personal information or files from a computer can be a terrible setback for any PC owner. Thankfully, there is specialized software that can scan drives for these files and recover lost data that you probably thought was gone forever. This article takes a look at low cost data recovery software (commercial (more)

Data Recovery After Format

by Rod Dunne December 11, 2010

Data recovery after formatting a disk drive is a fairly standard operation to attempt. How successful the recovery is depends greatly upon the nature of the formatting (if it fully wipes the drive). Here, we’ll look at some of the hard-drive and USB data recovery software available to help salvage data, along with some background (more)

External Hard Drive Data Recovery – Five Common Mistakes To Avoid

by Rod Dunne August 16, 2010

External hard drive data recovery is relatively simple to do – you recover hard drive data by installing some recovery software, scan the hard drive for files then copy them to a new location. However, it is easy to make a mistake and hamper the chances of finding all your lost data. Here, we’ll take (more)

Data Recovery Flash Drives – Software For Formatted/Deleted Files

by Rod Dunne August 11, 2010

Deleting or formatting a USB flash device is an easy mistake to make, and especially frustrating as we rarely back up data from these devices. That said, in terms of data recovery flash drives can be easily scanned with recovery software to find deleted files and retrieve your documents. Here, we’ll look at how these (more)

Flash Data Recovery

by Rod Dunne August 4, 2010

The arrival of flash memory now means we can store huge amounts of data on small portable devices. This also means there is more data to lose if the contents are deleted or formatted. But, just as with hard drives, it is still possible to recover lost data as deletion/formatting do not immediately wipe the (more)

Hard Drive Failure Recovery

by Rod Dunne August 3, 2010

When your computer throws up a computer error stating there has been a hard drive failure then there is no need to panic just yet. Your issue could be a mechanical fault or related to some software issue so there are many troubleshooting options to consider for completing a HDD repair. Before you take your (more)

Windows Data Recovery – Do It Yourself Versus Using The Experts

by Rod Dunne July 22, 2010

Windows data recovery can be done using two approaches (a) run the Windows data recovery software for yourself to attempt the files recovery or (b) leave it to data recovery experts to attempt the data retrieval. Here, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of each along with the associated data recovery cost. Windows Data (more)

Flash Card Data Recovery

by Rod Dunne July 13, 2010

This article takes a look at some of the background to flash card data recovery, the file system format flash devices use and the recovery software that can be used to recover lost data. One of the saving graces of flash memory, and flash based devices, is that they use the FAT-32 file system format (more)