How To Reboot Computer: Understanding the Different Options

by Rod Dunne November 29, 2010

Understanding how to reboot computer systems in different ways can prove useful for resolving software corruption and virus damage on your PC. Here, we’ll take a look at using different reboot methods along with computer maintenance programs in order to resolve a number of PC issues. How to reboot your computer: Soft/hard reboot Rebooting computer (more)

Reboot Computer Tips – Using System Restore To Fix System Errors

by Rod Dunne August 17, 2010

Can rebooting a computer actually help fix computers? This article looks into some of the myths about what rebooting computers can actually achieve. In addition, the Windows System Restore tool is discussed as one tool that can help fix computer issues. First, let’s clarify some terminology: Saying that you reboot computer operating systems is another (more)