PC Speed Up | Top 5 Tips

by Rod Dunne September 23, 2010

By doing some regular PC maintenance, you should be able to retain computer performance speeds on even an aging PC. This article describes my PC speed up tips using computer maintenance programs and Windows utilities to make the most out of Windows. Add more RAM. Upgrading the RAM memory on your PC is the most (more)

Speed Up Laptop Performance | Top 5 Ways

by Rod Dunne August 12, 2010

If your PC is struggling to start up promptly, applications pause in the middle of operations or you find your computer running very slow while on the internet, then it is time to consider what improvements you can make. Here, we’ll look at the 5 best ways to speed up laptop computer performance. 1: Speed (more)

How To Increase Internet Speed

by Rod Dunne August 3, 2010

Web page sizes, online video content and file downloads are increasingly putting a strain on how much bandwidth you are using. Just as you can get a faster PC by upgrading the RAM, it is also possible to speed up internet connections using tweaks and tools. Here, we’ll look at how to increase internet speed (more)

How To Speed Up Windows XP

by Rod Dunne August 2, 2010

The brute force approach to fix slow computer performance is to add more memory. But this approach doesn’t resolve what is actually slowing down the computer. Here, we’ll look at how to speed up Windows XP computers using manual and automated methods. The focus is on XP as this system is still in widespread use (more)