Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive Sectors by Repairing the Faults

by Rod Dunne December 4, 2011

The fundamental way to recover data from crashed hard drive sectors when a system has developed a fault is to get to the root of the problem and resolve the fault. In this post I’ll guide you through some of the troubleshooting checks to perform in order to get to the root cause. Overheating Your (more)

Data Recovery After Format

by Rod Dunne December 11, 2010

Data recovery after formatting a disk drive is a fairly standard operation to attempt. How successful the recovery is depends greatly upon the nature of the formatting (if it fully wipes the drive). Here, we’ll look at some of the hard-drive and USB data recovery software available to help salvage data, along with some background (more)

Uniblue Registry Booster

by Rod Dunne November 23, 2010

Registry cleaners are one of the more common PC maintenance software utilities found on PCs these days. Of the current batch, the Uniblue Registry Booster 2010 edition is one of the more widely used products available. In this review, we’ll take a look at what changes were made in the latest version. Installation One of (more)

Crash PC Computers | Top 7 Issues And Solutions

by Rod Dunne November 16, 2010
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There is a huge variety of hardware and software issues that can crash PC machines. Unfortunately, you rarely get an indication (e.g. an error message or exception code) to guide you towards what the root issue actually is. In this article, we’ll take a look at the types of PC maintenance software and troubleshooting checks (more)

How To Fix DLL Files That Are Corrupted Or Missing

by Rod Dunne November 12, 2010
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Many people will try to fix DLL problems by directly downloading new versions of the file. This has the inherent danger of using the wrong version or buggy/virus-infested versions. This article details some of the PC maintenance software tools you can use to repair DLL faults. Fix DLL files indirectly – faults in other files (more)

Improve Slow Boot Up Performance

by Rod Dunne November 4, 2010
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Slow boot up performance can often be fixed using a combination of PC maintenance software and Window’s own utilities. The key to any investigations is to try and limit which applications/services are being run as the computer is booting. Improving slow boot up speeds using MSConfig The first steps to improving slow computer start up (more)

System Security Virus Removal

by Rod Dunne November 1, 2010
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The System Security virus is a particularly malicious malware application due to the fact that it can stop you running your PC maintenance software and anti-virus tools. In this article, we’ll go through the three approaches to removing these types of bugs. Background Even if you have the best Internet security firewall installed along with (more)

How To Improve Windows XP Slow Startup Performance

by Rod Dunne August 13, 2010

How long do you normally have to wait for Windows to boot up? If it is anything more than a few minutes then this can be a major irritation and inconvenience. Here, we’ll show how to speed up Windows XP slow startup times. Main Startup Problems The factors that cause Windows XP slow startup performance (more)

Problems With Flash Memory Data Recovery

by Rod Dunne August 12, 2010

Flash memory data recovery is an increasingly important subject as we continue to store massive amounts of data on these devices, and rarely if ever make backup copies. Luckily it is possible to find deleted files and even recover documents after formatting the device by using the right software. Here, we’ll look at some of (more)

Laptop Hard Drives

by Rod Dunne June 10, 2010

Over time, laptop hard drives can fill up to the point of becoming almost useless. Using cheap external hard drives is a great option for simply moving large data over (music, pictures over to the external drive) or doing a full laptop backup. Alternatively, it is also possible to upgrade the hard drive and put (more)