My Computer Keeps Restarting by Itself – Help is at Hand

by Rod Dunne December 6, 2011

Whenever my computer keeps restarting by itself then the priority is to get back into the Windows OS in order to run anti-virus scans, registry checks and OS repair programs. Here I’ll show you some of the techniques for getting the system restarted. Safe mode boot Your first option is to try booting the system (more)

My Computer Keeps Restarting With A Blue Screen

by Rod Dunne September 30, 2011

On those rare occasions when my computer keeps restarting with a blue screen then there are a few key ways to troubleshoot the issue and getting the system back running again. In this post, I’ll sure the key things to check for different ways to get the system rebooted once again. Your starting point is (more)

Why My Computer Keeps Restarting

by Rod Dunne April 9, 2011

Anytime I find myself wondering why my computer keeps restarting and two key areas to check our hardware faults and software corruption. In this post I’ll show you my checklist of items to check for and ways to workaround or resolve the issue. Hardware checks Begin by making sure the system is not overheating. Check (more)

My Computer Keeps Restarting Over and Over: Critical Software Checks to Do

by Rod Dunne March 10, 2011

If my computer keeps restarting over and over then there are a number of different checks and ways to analyze the issue. Here I’ll show you how to trying to back into the PC in order to analyze the fault. You should start by checking the BIOS menu. Make sure that the system is not (more)

My Computer Keeps Restarting Itself: Hardware Checks You Should Make

by Rod Dunne January 26, 2011

The major concern whenever my computer keeps restarting itself is the possibility of a mechanical fault. In this article I’ll show you some of the checks you can perform if your system is continually rebooting itself. The reason why it is important to check for mechanical faults to begin with is because these can lead (more)

My Computer Keeps Restarting | Causes And Solutions

by Rod Dunne November 27, 2010
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You will often find a computer keeps freezing or a PC keeps restarting involuntarily if there are hardware/software conflicts or internal components are overheating. In this article, I’ll go through some of the PC system software utilities and troubleshooting checks I do when my computer keeps restarting itself. Troubleshooting why the computer keeps rebooting 1: (more)