Data Recovery After Format

by Rod Dunne December 11, 2010

Data recovery after formatting a disk drive is a fairly standard operation to attempt. How successful the recovery is depends greatly upon the nature of the formatting (if it fully wipes the drive). Here, we’ll look at some of the hard-drive and USB data recovery software available to help salvage data, along with some background (more)

Post Format Data Recovery: 3 Factors Affecting Its Success

by Rod Dunne August 26, 2010

It is a common misconception that formatting a hard disk will completely wipe the files from the drive’s memory but this simple isn’t the case. Formatted data recovery is possible because the process only removes index references to where your documents are stored on the drive. This article shows how a post format data recovery (more)

Formatted Data Recovery: What You Should Know Before You Buy

by Rod Dunne August 6, 2010

There are dozens of formatted data recovery software utilities available online with the capability to recover hard drive data. However, the success rate of these products can vary greatly based on three key factors. Here, we’ll look into how it is technically possible to recover formatted data and the 3 critical success factors. #1: Choice (more)