USB Protection – Software & Hardware Options For Password Protecting Flash Devices

by Rod Dunne September 13, 2010

Security software and encryption chips have long been used for fixing computers security gaps, but USB protection has only recently begun to be just as important. A lost key can easily store thousands of documents which others can all too easily access. Here, we’ll show how USB protection software and hardware can be used to (more)

External Hard Drive Repair

by Rod Dunne September 6, 2010

External hard drive repair has become increasingly important given the volume of critical data we backup and save to these disks. An external hard disk is more likely to experience physical damage due to it being so portable. And software/file system faults can easily occur, just as with internal hard drives. However it should still (more)

How To Recover Data From Crashed Hard Drive Partitions

by Rod Dunne September 1, 2010

This article shows how to recover data from crashed hard drive partitions using five different ways. Each approach can be used for trying to recover hard disk data after a system/software related crash. Crashes due to mechanical/component damage limit your options to using data recovery experts to attempt a lost file retrieval. Our separate post (more)

NAS Backup Or San Backup – Which Suits Best?

by Rod Dunne July 28, 2010

Storage systems within companies are increasingly needing to store massive volumes of system data, which makes the choice of storage and backup solution (NAS or SAN backup) a key consideration in a disaster recovery plan. Here, we’ll look at the main criteria to consider for choosing between a SAN or NAS backup solution based on (more)

PC Technician – Job Options, Training And Finding Roles

by Rod Dunne July 9, 2010

Anybody who works in IT has at some point or time tried fixing computers for themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean that each of us could walk into a job as a PC Technician. Here we’ll look at what PC technicians actually do, the training requirements and how to find suitable jobs in PC repair services. (more)

Error Fix Review

by Rod Dunne July 5, 2010

Error Fix is one of the latest tools to have successfully entered the registry repair software market and has already got 5 out of 5 from This Error Fix review checks out how the software shapes up to its competition for ease-of-use, product feature set and effectiveness at fixing computers registry problems. Usability Registry (more)

Fixing Computers | Troubleshooting Faults

by Rod Dunne July 2, 2010

Being able to fix computers is something that most people feel quite comfortable about doing these days. Here, we’ll look at troubleshooting tips for the three main areas when fixing a computer: hardware, software and performance. Hardware Most component/peripheral faults are due to physical or device driver faults. Any physical damage (electronics errors, wiring faults, (more)

Computer Repair And Maintenance: Planning

by Rod Dunne March 23, 2010

The following checklist should be of value to most PC owners as it provides a schedule for actions they can perform in order to improve the system’s stability and reduce PC repairs. Quite often the best practice in computer repair and maintenance is to take the preventative approach to maintenance by catching faults before they (more)