Error Repair for Windows PCs

by Rod Dunne December 16, 2010
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By using effective research and generally available utilities, it should be possible to fix PC errors on most occasions. Here, we’ll look at some Windows error repair techniques to help you resolve software application and operating system issues. Error repair tool choices Each Windows error repair tool on the market attempts to resolve different areas (more)

Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Windows Computers

by Rod Dunne December 9, 2010
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By using a preventive maintenance checklist, you can help fix PC errors before they become an issue. This checklist provides a list of the most common maintenance techniques for software and hardware components on Windows PCs which you should incorporated into regular schedule of PC repairs. Begin your preventive maintenance schedule by improving disk/hard drive (more)

Bad Sector Repair: How To Fix Bad Sectors On A Hard Disk

by Rod Dunne October 2, 2010

Harddisk bad sector repair is one of the easier tasks to perform. However, it won’t always fix PC errors 100% of the time and you may end up losing data on these bad sectors of the disk in some cases. This article look at bad sector repairing options and tools. Causes Of The Fault The (more)

DLL Repair: Crucial Fixes To Try Before Replacing Missing Files

by Rod Dunne September 9, 2010

A common approach used to fix PC errors when a DLL file is missing is to download and reinstall the file. However, this DLL repair approach is really only suitable as a last resort. Here, we’ll show the other approaches to consider before using downloads. Dynamic Link Libraries: Why DLLs Can Cause Faults A DLL (more)

Registry Problem Resolution: What Software Can Help?

by Rod Dunne September 7, 2010

This post shows how to fix PC errors relating to registry problems by using online PC repair services (Reimage) and by using Windows own utilities. Windows Registry Problem Types There can be a huge number of reasons for registry problems: virus damage and lost/damaged keys when installing or removing a program are two of the (more)

How To Speed Up XP Performance

by Rod Dunne August 27, 2010

Once you know how to speed up XP performance using regular maintenance tasks then there is every chance that XP computers will continue to be reliable and fast machines for many years to come. This article looks at using software to get a faster PC, then steps through a series of PC maintenance activities for (more)

How To Fix PC Errors

by Rod Dunne August 5, 2010

The best way to fix PC errors is to start with the error code/message that the application or operating system (OS) has presented you with. Here, we’ll look at the automated way to repair PC errors (using software utilities) as well as how to fix PC errors for free by doing some proper troubleshooting of (more)

Hard Drive Failure Recovery

by Rod Dunne August 3, 2010

When your computer throws up a computer error stating there has been a hard drive failure then there is no need to panic just yet. Your issue could be a mechanical fault or related to some software issue so there are many troubleshooting options to consider for completing a HDD repair. Before you take your (more)

Computer Repair And Maintenance: Planning

by Rod Dunne March 23, 2010

The following checklist should be of value to most PC owners as it provides a schedule for actions they can perform in order to improve the system’s stability and reduce PC repairs. Quite often the best practice in computer repair and maintenance is to take the preventative approach to maintenance by catching faults before they (more)