Computer Service Technician: Jobs, Career Path and Training

by Rod Dunne December 16, 2010

Life as a computer service technician can be a fulfilling, flexible and profitable career if you enjoy fixing computers. Here, we’ll look at what the job entails, finding the right job and the career path options. Job Description This role is a hands-on job that requires the individual to be able to do PC repairs, (more)

Computer Repair Employment: How to Get Started

by Rod Dunne December 16, 2010

For anyone considering computer repair employment for a career it can be difficult to work out where to start. The key question is whether to focus on PC repair education/certification or to concentrate on gaining work experience. In reality, computer repair jobs require you to balance out both work and training throughout your career, even (more)

My Computer Keeps Freezing: How to Fix Severe Performance Issues

by Rod Dunne December 14, 2010
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If you use an old computer with modern power-hungry applications then you may find your computer freezes randomly from time to time. Without any error to guide you to a possible cause it is better to fix computer performance problems like this using some broader approaches. In this article, I detail the PC repairs I (more)

USB Flash Security – How To Protect Critical Data

by Rod Dunne August 30, 2010

You increasingly hear in the news of customer data being found on an employee’s lost laptop, simply because they didn’t bother to password protect folder contents. USB flash security is an even bigger concern for companies as these are even more portable than laptops and prone to being lost or stolen. Here, we’ll look at (more)

Troubleshooting And Preventing Computer Overheating

by Rod Dunne August 24, 2010

Computer overheating can result in your hardware burning out and needing replacement. In less severe cases it will result in your computer running very slow. Here, we’ll look at computer troubleshooting tools for identifying heat issues and simple ways of preventing these problems occurring. The Dangers Of Computer Overheating Heat problems can be due to (more)

Reboot Computer Tips – Using System Restore To Fix System Errors

by Rod Dunne August 17, 2010

Can rebooting a computer actually help fix computers? This article looks into some of the myths about what rebooting computers can actually achieve. In addition, the Windows System Restore tool is discussed as one tool that can help fix computer issues. First, let’s clarify some terminology: Saying that you reboot computer operating systems is another (more)

Computer Clean Up Options – Picking The Right Software For The Job

by Rod Dunne August 16, 2010

This article takes a look at simple computer clean up activities and tools that help fix computer disk space issues. In addition, it covers how to wipe a computer clean of all personal data when giving away your computer. Recommended Tools Winclear Remo Drive Wipe Evidence Nuker Computer Clean Up Software & Tasks – Freeing (more)

Slow Computer Solutions

by Rod Dunne June 30, 2010

Having a computer with a slow startup or general performance issues are some of the most common problems for PC owners. Here, we’ll take a look at some generic slow computer solutions, techniques and computer optimizer utilities to help you get a faster PC. Hardware The largest gains that can be made in PC speed (more)

How To Fix Computers

by Rod Dunne June 8, 2010

Understanding how to fix computers requires a standard approach to PC repairs. This article steps through the three stages that are most commonly used with suggestions on possible solutions for each. Step 1: Repair The PC Manually To fix computer issues by yourself the key thing to do is to research the root cause of (more)