Zip Disk Data Recovery: Mechanical Faults You Can Overcome

by Rod Dunne December 6, 2011

Completing a zip disk data recovery of lost or deleted files can be done using software in the majority of cases. However, mechanical faults to disks can hinder this process greatly. In this article I’ll show you what types of faults can occur and how to work around these issues. Ultimately, you may have to (more)

Zip Disk Data Recovery: Don’t Rule Out Drive Damage

by Rod Dunne May 9, 2011

Before launching into using zip disk data recovery software to retrieve lost files you should first consider the possibility of mechanical damage to the zip reader. In this post I’ll show you some of the checks I do whenever I need to locate files and old zip disks. Recommended Data Recovery Software: Remo Undelete: Works (more)

How To Complete A Zip Disk Data Recovery

by Rod Dunne April 6, 2011

In this article I’ll show you how to do a zip disk data recovery in a few simple steps. The process begins with checking for mechanical faults since omitting this could lead to further data loss. Whether you are trying to find deleted files or are doing a post format data recovery software utility should (more)

Zip Disk Data Recovery Services

by Rod Dunne February 18, 2011

Zip disk data recovery services should be able to retrieve data from old zip disks even when there are mechanical faults. Here I’ll show you some of the tasks these data recovery experts can perform to find data for you. Deletion/format data recovery using software If you simply deleted files or formatted an old zip (more)

Zip Disk Data Recovery Software and Formatting

by Rod Dunne February 8, 2011

Zip disk data recovery should be possible in the majority of cases where mechanical faults have not occurred. This article shows you how to use software to retrieve files that have been deleted, formatted or lost. Zip disks were the forerunner to the current USB flash drives for storing large volumes of data. However, some (more)

The Definitive Guide To Zip Disk Data Recovery

by Rod Dunne July 23, 2010

Zip disk technology has become a legacy format over the past decade as the popularity and file capacity of memory sticks and external hard drives has increased. Here, we’ll look at the Zip disk data recovery services and software that are still available for anyone needing to recover lost data from an old disk. Damage (more)