Data Recovery USB Memory | What Tools To Use

by Rod Dunne December 10, 2011

In terms of data recovery USB memory can be analyze and scanned in much the same way as hard drives can. In this post I’ll show you what tools you can use to do this and how to clone your files back onto your computer. USB flash memory is based on the FAT32 file system (more)

Data Recovery USB | Using Software to Retrieve Files

by Rod Dunne December 5, 2011

When doing a data recovery USB drives can often be analyzed for lost data using the same software used on internal hard drives. In this article I’ll show you how to run these applications and how to get the best results. USB drives are for the most part based on flash memory. This is a (more)

Data Recovery USB Drives | How Is This Possible?

by Rod Dunne December 4, 2011

When it comes to data recovery USB drives can be analyzed using software utilities for signs of any lost, deleted or corrupted files. Here I’ll show you how this is possible using data recovery tools and what factors affect hundred percent success. All data recovery applications need to know what file format the memory or (more)

Data Recovery USB: Factors Affecting A Full File Retrieval

by Rod Dunne March 6, 2011

In terms of performing data recovery USB flash drives can be analyzed using the same data recovery software you would use on a hard drive. However, there is always the chance that these applications will still not be able to find your files. In this post I’ll show you what factors can affect a full (more)

Data Recovery USB Drives: Potential Issues You’ll Encounter

by Rod Dunne January 24, 2011

When it comes to data recovery USB drives are no different from any other types of storage device. Software utilities can be used in a large number of situations to analyze the memory and retrieve your files. However, in this article I’ll take a look at some of the factors which can impede a successful (more)

Data Recovery USB: Simple Guide To Using Software To Recover Lost Files

by Rod Dunne September 10, 2010

One of the more common PC repair activities that individuals encounter is trying to find files that have been deleted, formatted or corrupted on a hard drive. In terms of data recovery USB key devices can be treated in a similar way to hard drives when finding lost files. Here, we’ll show how recovery software (more)