SD Card Data Recovery: All You Need to Know Is..

by Rod Dunne January 5, 2011
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SD card data recovery of deleted or formatted files has been made all the more easy in recent years due to the rise of good quality data recovery software and computer maintenance repair tools. Here, we’ll take a look at the memory card data recovery process and point out some of the items which can (more)

Data Recovery After Format

by Rod Dunne December 11, 2010

Data recovery after formatting a disk drive is a fairly standard operation to attempt. How successful the recovery is depends greatly upon the nature of the formatting (if it fully wipes the drive). Here, we’ll look at some of the hard-drive and USB data recovery software available to help salvage data, along with some background (more)

RAW Recovery – Data Recovery When The FAT/NTFS Is Corrupted

by Rod Dunne September 30, 2010

Raw recovery of data on a hard drive that has lost its file system formatting is thankfully something which most users will not have to do too often. This article provides computer repair help for those instances when the NTFS/fat 32 file system has been corrupted and you need to recover your documents from the (more)

How Data Recovery Experts Restore Lost Data

by Rod Dunne August 19, 2010

What process do data recovery experts use to restore lost data from your hard drive? Are the data recovery tools they use vastly different from the ones that are commercially available to everyone? This article steps through the process of restoring lost data that the experts use and that you can use for restoring your (more)

External Hard Drive Data Recovery – Five Common Mistakes To Avoid

by Rod Dunne August 16, 2010

External hard drive data recovery is relatively simple to do – you recover hard drive data by installing some recovery software, scan the hard drive for files then copy them to a new location. However, it is easy to make a mistake and hamper the chances of finding all your lost data. Here, we’ll take (more)

Problems With Flash Memory Data Recovery

by Rod Dunne August 12, 2010

Flash memory data recovery is an increasingly important subject as we continue to store massive amounts of data on these devices, and rarely if ever make backup copies. Luckily it is possible to find deleted files and even recover documents after formatting the device by using the right software. Here, we’ll look at some of (more)

Data Recovery Experts

by Rod Dunne July 28, 2010

The need for data recovery experts has increased over the past decade as more individuals and companies find themselves trying to recover lost data from computers/laptops/PDA’s/etc. Here we’ll look at what they are able to recover, how to find good data recovery services, and things for you to do prior to sending off your hardware. (more)

Flash Card Data Recovery

by Rod Dunne July 13, 2010

This article takes a look at some of the background to flash card data recovery, the file system format flash devices use and the recovery software that can be used to recover lost data. One of the saving graces of flash memory, and flash based devices, is that they use the FAT-32 file system format (more)

Data Recovery Freeware – 3 Main Things To Watch Out For

by Rod Dunne July 12, 2010

Using any kind of freeware brings its own dangers about the level of application testing that was done and how these tools actually work. If you need to recover lost data then data recovery freeware can be a suitable option – if you manage to choose the right tool. Here, we’ll look at the 3 (more)

Hard Drive Crash Recovery

by Rod Dunne July 7, 2010

There are three common scenarios for making a successful hard drive crash recovery. Here, we’ll look at these scenarios and what workarounds and PC repairs can be attempted to make a full data recovery. Windows Reboots Correctly If you are fortunate, then the hard drive crash may only be a minor fault and your computer (more)