Troubleshooting And Preventing Computer Overheating

by Rod Dunne August 24, 2010

Computer overheating can result in your hardware burning out and needing replacement. In less severe cases it will result in your computer running very slow. Here, we’ll look at computer troubleshooting tools for identifying heat issues and simple ways of preventing these problems occurring. The Dangers Of Computer Overheating Heat problems can be due to (more)

Computer Doctor – Finding The Right PC Repair Center

by Rod Dunne July 5, 2010

Picking the right computer doctor comes down to key principal areas – the services they provide, their proximity to you and the costs involved.  Here we’ll look at these three key elements to show how a little research can save you from choosing the wrong company for your computer repair jobs or repairs. Choosing the (more)

Why A Computer Freezes And Ways To Fix It

by Rod Dunne June 7, 2010

Understanding why a computer freezes up comes down to establishing what is causing such strain on the PC. This article highlights the causes of a slow computer and some straight forward PC repairs to stop a computer freezing. Before starting into any maintenance work you should be sure to do a laptop backup of any (more)