Computer Repair Jobs: Effective Search Techniques You Should Be Using

by Rod Dunne February 27, 2011

You increasingly have to use a larger range of search techniques when looking for computer repair jobs. There are now more people in the jobs market looking for these types of roles. This post shows you some of the standard techniques you can use along with some of the approaches you may not have considered. (more)

Finding Computer Repair Jobs

by Rod Dunne February 26, 2011

The key to finding computer repair jobs is knowing where to look, what roles to go after and who is hiring. Here I’ll detail approaches for each of these queries to help you find suitable work. The usual starting point when trying to find computer repair jobs is via an online search. Start with the (more)

Part Time Computer Repair Jobs | Where To Start Looking

by Rod Dunne February 25, 2011

Finding part time computer repair jobs is not as easy as it used to be. The declining economic climate has meant there are a lot more people looking for these types of roles. Here I’ll show you some of the job advertisement channels worth considering. The starting point for many people will still be the (more)

Entry Level Computer Repair Jobs

by Rod Dunne February 24, 2011

Entry level computer repair jobs provide a great introduction to working in IT support services. In this article I’ll show you the various him roles you can consider, the channels through which jobs are advertised and the types of employers you can work for. Computer repair work is a very broad profession and has a (more)

Finding Online Computer Repair Jobs

by Rod Dunne January 19, 2011

Searching for online computer repair jobs requires knowing what types of roles are available, which channels to use and what types of companies are hiring. Here I’ll focus on him search techniques for finding the right jobs. Roles to target Before even beginning to search for computer repair jobs it is essential to understand what (more)

Computer Repair Jobs and Careers Information

by Rod Dunne December 12, 2010

Computer repair jobs are very much on the increase thanks to the growing dependency in all industries on information technology. Here, we’ll look at careers in PC repairs and finding the right computer repair employment. Overview Traditionally, the standard computer repair job roles can be broken down into four categories: Computer Service Technicians: These engineers (more)