4 Little Known Facts About PC Repair Jobs

by Rod Dunne September 24, 2010

For anybody considering a profession doing PC repair jobs, it can often be difficult to understand where to make a start. They question whether to focus on gaining work experience in computer repairs maintenance shops or to complete full-time training. Here, we’ll focus on four key facts about this profession which will help clarify where (more)

PC Technician – Job Options, Training And Finding Roles

by Rod Dunne July 9, 2010

Anybody who works in IT has at some point or time tried fixing computers for themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean that each of us could walk into a job as a PC Technician. Here we’ll look at what PC technicians actually do, the training requirements and how to find suitable jobs in PC repair services. (more)

Computer Repair And Maintenance: Checklist

by Rod Dunne April 24, 2010

The following preventive maintenance checklist of best practices should be adhered to by all Windows users if they wish to maintain their computer in a healthy state. Daily Computer Repair and Maintenance Run anti-virus scan on a daily basis. It is best to set this up as an automated scan that you can schedule to (more)