Cheap Hard Drive Recovery: Software for Repairs and Recovery

by Rod Dunne December 20, 2010
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The arrival of cheap hard drive recovery applications and HDD repair utilities have made it possible to recover critical data in many circumstances and also fix a broad range of software faults affecting hard disks. In this article, we’ll take a look at some suggested computer maintenance programs for internal and external hard drive recovery (more)

How To Reboot Computer: Understanding the Different Options

by Rod Dunne November 29, 2010

Understanding how to reboot computer systems in different ways can prove useful for resolving software corruption and virus damage on your PC. Here, we’ll take a look at using different reboot methods along with computer maintenance programs in order to resolve a number of PC issues. How to reboot your computer: Soft/hard reboot Rebooting computer (more)

PC Speed Up | Top 5 Tips

by Rod Dunne September 23, 2010

By doing some regular PC maintenance, you should be able to retain computer performance speeds on even an aging PC. This article describes my PC speed up tips using computer maintenance programs and Windows utilities to make the most out of Windows. Add more RAM. Upgrading the RAM memory on your PC is the most (more)

Do not even *think* about buying PC maintenance software until
you read my Reimage review!

by Rod Dunne March 15, 2010

What is Reimage? Reimage is an online PC maintenance software application that can make your Windows machine run like new, without the need to reinstall Windows and without the losing personal data. It checks the health of your system files in a 30 minute scan, diagnoses operating system (OS) problems, and replaces objects detected as (more)