Bad Sector Repair Utility Guide

by Rod Dunne February 22, 2011

There are a few recommended bad sector repair utility choices worth considering if you experience disk partition problems. Here I’ll show you which software tools you can use for free (i.e. Windows own products) and mention some of the commercial tools that are capable of more in-depth analysis. There are two key points about using (more)

Hard Disk Bad Sector Repair

by Rod Dunne February 21, 2011

Completing a hard disk bad sector repair is something many users will not encounter. When it does however occur, there are a handful of free and commercial utilities that can be used to attempt repairs. In this post I’ll show you which products are out there and some suggestions about how they should be used. (more)

Bad Sector Repair Tool: Free and Commercial Software

by Rod Dunne February 20, 2011

Bad sector repair tool choices are quite limited. Aside from Windows own disk checking utilities there are relatively few generic products that can fix a range of different hard drive brands. In this post I’ll show you how to use Windows own product as well as point out some of the generic tools you could (more)

HDD Bad Sector Repair Tips and Tools

by Rod Dunne January 21, 2011

HDD bad sector repair is something which thankfully does not have to be done too often. However when sectors become corrupted due to mechanical or software faults it is good to know what products you can use. Here I’ll show you some of the Windows OS tools to use along with some third-party tools that (more)

Bad Sector Repair Software Recommendations

by Rod Dunne January 15, 2011

Good quality bad sector repair software are relatively few and far between. In this article I’ll cover some of the main tools you can use that are freely available and suggest some commercial tools too. Main Bug Cause Bad sector issues can be due to a number of different reasons including mechanical and software issues (more)

Bad Sector Repair: How To Fix Bad Sectors On A Hard Disk

by Rod Dunne October 2, 2010

Harddisk bad sector repair is one of the easier tasks to perform. However, it won’t always fix PC errors 100% of the time and you may end up losing data on these bad sectors of the disk in some cases. This article look at bad sector repairing options and tools. Causes Of The Fault The (more)