Slow Laptop Performance: Registry Tuning Your Way to a Faster PC

by Rod Dunne on January 30, 2011

in Laptop, Performance

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Slow laptop performance can often be as a direct result of a corrupted Windows registry file. In this article I’ll show you some of the common cause of problems and how to remedy damaged to registry keys.

Causes Of Damage

The Windows registry file contains computer information for all of the users and applications on the system. If your laptop keeps freezing repeatedly then it may well be to anyone of the following types of damage to registry keys:

  • Viruses on your system have reset key settings.
  • Installing new applications has overwritten folder/registry key settings.
  • Removing applications has resulted in shared configuration keys also being removed. Alternatively, redundant information is left overĀ  which the application failed to remove.
  • Making updates or changes to existing applications has impacted other programs which share common keys in the registry file.


All of these problems can result in exceptions occurring or simply cause applications and OS programs to under-perform. The key to resolving these issues is not to attempt to manually modify the registry yourself. This is generally advised against because key settings can be shared amongst multiple applications so changing one setting could impact many programs.

Instead, the recommended solution is to use a registry cleaner such as Registry Easy or XP Repair Pro.

Key Benefits of These Tools

  • Repair damaged registry keys
  • Optimize/tune key settings OS applications, device drivers and third party programs
  • Improve overall slow laptop performance

The key to using these applications is to first backup your registry file for safekeeping. The above applications will give you the option to restore versions of your registry file if issues do occur. It is worth keeping these backup versions stored on your disk as well as external to the PC (e.g. burned to CD) so that they can be used to rollback the system if need be.

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