Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Checklist | Monthly Checks

by Rod Dunne on February 20, 2011

in Hardware, Laptop, Performance

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Keeping a scheduled preventive maintenance checklist for your PC will ultimately help prolong the working life of your computer.

In this article I’ll detail some of the monthly checks that you can do to help improve the reliability and performance of any PC.

The first precautionary thing to do is to make backup copies of critical data. This should be done to external hard disk or storage device to safeguard against theft or damage to the PC.

  • Begin by running some critical updates. Windows update is the ideal starting point to get the latest patches for the operating system programs, device drivers and any security patches. In addition you should also check for updates to programs using frequent basis and your anti-virus software.
  • You should run an anti-virus scan on a daily basis if you are on the Internet regularly. On a monthly basis you should also make a point of doing a full scan of all hard drive partitions along with any external memory keys or flash drives.
  • Next, you should focus on the hard disk. Run a disk defragmentation to help speed up disk access times. It is also worth clearing out extra free space on the hard disk. Windows uses the extra free space for expanding virtual memory on the system for use in applications and OS programs. Extra space can be obtained by removing old programs, transferring large files to an external hard disk and/or running the Disk Cleanup program.
  • Finally, if you have a registry cleaner installed on your system then perform a scan of the registry file for any signs of faults or corruption. This can happen quite easily as result of program installations and removals making your system unstable.

REMEMBER: The key to any good preventive maintenance checklist is to keep doing these tasks on a regular basis. ost of the above activities should be performed monthly. Anti-virus scans should be done as often as you can tolerate.

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