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by Rod Dunne on June 9, 2010

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Registry cleaners and repair tools have become increasing popular in recent years. Of the current batch of tools, Registry Easy has become one of the most popular with thousands of existing users. This article looks at the products key benefits and possible setbacks.


As with any registry editor, you want the application to completely automate the repair process with little or no intervention being required by the user – you don’t need to understand how to fix a slow computer as the tool administers the entire scan, analysis and registry repair. Registry Easy can be easily configured to allow you as much control over which data is removed.

The user interface is a simple menu selection and options process broken down into scans, backups, optimization, system repairs and IE tools. If anything, the one perceived fault could be the placement of the back-up options second in the list. From experience, a back-up of the windows registry should be done before any other modifications are made. Other tools, like XP Repair Pro and Registry Booster, automatically make copies of the file – just in case something goes wrong and you need to roll back changes. To see how the product fairs up to the competition, check out our registry cleaner comparison test.

The download process is quick and easy to complete and the file size is not overly large (so shouldn’t take too long on slower connections).

Support and Services

Thankfully I have not had to email the support team but their support site does detail a lot of advice, workarounds and known issues so if an issue does arise then there is an extensive forum to call upon.

Value Added Features

The product is now offered with a free scan. This means that you can easily run a scan, establish from the analysis report what the health status of your PC is and decide for yourself whether or not you wish to proceed with making the repairs (if the faults are minor then you may choose to just tolerate them).

Registry Easy has a couple of extra features over and above cleaning and optimizing configuration settings. Of these, the evidence cleaners are possible the most useful (especially if you intend selling on your PC and wish to remove your personal data).

The addition of the junk file remover and duplicate cleaner will also help to clean out a little extra space on your PC.

For Internet Explorer users the IE plug-in scanner feature is able to assess your installed plug-ins to establish how much of a drain they put on your internet connection. This can be an invaluable slow computer fix for optimizing dial-up connections especially.

Possible Disadvantages

The documentation is a little light. This won’t affect experienced users so much but non-techies may struggle to understand the functions in the application. That said, the supporting website has a vast amount of information so should be used anyway as the primary source for up-to-date product information.

Where the product loses out over other tools is that it only focuses on repairing the Windows registry (which is fine if you see a registry error code to confirm this is the root of the problem). If an issue is due to the file system, device drivers or operating system files then it will not pick this up in the scan.

A minor complaint would be the lack of any Firefox specific features (similar to the IE plug-in scanning feature).


Check out our article on the three best registry cleaner utilities to see how this product compares to 2 of its competitors. You can also check out an individual Uniblue Registry Booster review.


This Registry Easy review highlights why the application has become the most used registry editor. The fact that so many PC owners have used it and had positive experiences with it is the best testimonial any product can receive.

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