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by Rod Dunne on November 24, 2010

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Regedit Cleaner | Picking The Right Registry Cleaner Freeware Or Commercial Tools
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These days, it is widespread to use a regedit cleaner or registry cleaning software to help rectify damage to this critical system configuration file. In this article, we’ll talk about how to pick the best registry cleaner freeware or commercial computer maintenance software and some of the backup/cleaning tasks you can do to help improve the effectiveness of these applications.

Recommended registry cleaning software

Registry Easy is one of the best registry cleaner utilities available today. It is capable of fixing a large amount of faults and already has a huge customer base (which is always good to see). In addition to repairing the faults it can also back up the file and defragment it in order to improve file access times.

  • Registry Easy: Utility tool that cleans, repairs and optimizes the registry file. Free scan available.

Registry Easy | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

Picking a regedit cleaner

If you choose to use a registry cleaner freeware app or a different commercial tool then it is worth following the following tips when choosing a tool:

  1. Pick a regedit cleaner with a large existing customer base. This is the seal of approval that the product is effective at what it does.
  2. Check online download sites for positive and negative reviews of the product.
  3. Key features to look out for include a reg back-up & restore functions along with a defragmentation function (which improves file access and performance).

If your PC is experiencing a severe fault and you are unsure whether the fault lies with the registry or perhaps with other operating system files then it is worth noting that a regedit cleaner may only be able to fix the damage done to the registry.

Always backup first

Before running a registry cleanup, it is essential to back up the file first. In the event of an exception occurring, you can always revert the file back to an earlier version.

All the best registry cleaner applications will include a back-up feature as standard, but if yours doesn’t then the Microsoft knowledge base includes details of how to do this. The manual backup method changes depending on your operating system so always be sure to choose the right article in the Microsoft support site.

Optional registry cleanup tips

Before using your computer maintenance software, you can also help the process a little by removing old applications that are not being used. The primary benefit of doing this is that any of the key settings relating to the product will be cleanly removed thanks to the install shield. The secondary benefit is that you will help free up some space on your hard disk for virtual memory.

Run the scan

Finally, you can now launch the regedit cleaner and start a scan. Most applications only take a few minutes to actually run so it shouldn’t take too long and you should ideally do this task every few weeks in order to maintain the health of the file.

It is recommended to always restart the PC after the repairs have been done in order for the setting changes to be fully initialized by the operating system. Doing this also gives you the chance to test that the repairs have not caused any additional problems or exceptions to the system. If they have, you can always use the back up versions you created to restore the file to the earlier healthy state.

Registry Easy: Utility tool that cleans, repairs and optimizes the reg file. Free scan available.
More info & free scan.. | Registry Easy Review

Registry Easy | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

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