RegCure Review 2010

by Rod Dunne on July 18, 2010

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RegCure by Pareto Logic has, for the past decade, been at the forefront of software utilities that repair, optimize and clean registry files. As the product’s popularity and user base has grown, so too has the volume of features it adds yearly. This RegCure review looks at how the latest version performs, to check if it is still ahead of its competition.


Reg Cure has always been an intuitive program to use. For the majority of users it is possible to just run the automatic scan & repair, with zero modifications to the settings and RegCure will report back its finding. So with two button clicks you could scan and repair your registry.

Most users though should take the time to look through the help files to understand what the advanced features are actually capable of. At the very least, get familiar with the scheduler functionality so you can have Reg Cure on auto-pilot to run at set times or on startup. The Startup application administration settings are a quick and easy slow computer fix for any PCs that take eons to boot up.

The one bug bear regarding ease-of-use would be the large download size. At 15MB (initial capacity) the Regcure software download is a lot larger than the majority of other cleaners. This may not be an issue for users with fast broadband but anyone with a dial-up connection could have an issue with this. It is not apparent from the documentation if the file size is due to the one install executable supporting several operating system (OS) versions – theoretically separate installs for each OS would reduce the download size.

Support and Services

On the subject of OS versions, Windows 7/Vista/XP/ME/2000/98SE are supported. This is one of the few tools to support fixing computers running Windows 7 so promptly. Uniblue Registry Booster is one of the few tools that seems to also support Windows 7.

The support website ( has a large list of Q&A from other customers and support is provided via email, chat and phone for all users with a RegCure key.

Stand Out Features

Reg Cure has always seemed to have more features than its competitors. The current favorites from the latest product release include:

  • It can fix DLL errors relating to shared resources – this is quite a common computer error that can cause multiple applications to stop working properly.
  • Windows Startup Admin – Advanced users will already know how to do this via the free MS Config utility but RegCure can completely automate how this done (saving you the trial & error approach to using MSConfig to disable services and applications).
  • Backup and Restore – All registry cleaners should have the ability to backup and restore the Windows registry file. Reg Cure goes one step further by automatically backing up the file for you before any repairs are attempted. This alone gives you the power to roll back the file if other events corrupt it (e.g. virus damage/faulty application removals).

Possible Flaws/Disadvantages

Apart from the large download size, mentioned earlier, the sole complaint about RegCure is that it is now a mature enough product that it should possibly be expanding out into more general PC repairs.

Anyone who has spent time trying to fix computers will know that the root cause of a blue screen error or computers freezes may not be due to a simple registry error. Issues can often be due to faults with missing or corrupted. If Reg Cure was also able to scan for these additional faults then it would really become an all-inclusive tool for PC repairs.


There are many competitors in this application space. Of those, the nearest competitor is Registry Easy which is a well-liked utility that cleans, repairs and optimizes the registry and also includes an automated repair option for those who don’t wished to be fussed about which settings to choose.

Reg Cure has a slight advantage in that also supports Windows 7 and a larger advanced feature set.

Registry Easy Review


There is no doubt that RegCure is a solid, stable and effective program. The approach of having an automated repair process and the customization capabilities that allow advanced settings make it an ideal tool for all users. If you only want to have one registry tool, then this is the one to go for.

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