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by Rod Dunne on October 20, 2010

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Recovery tools have made it relatively easy to retrieve deleted and lost documents from hard drives as part of PC maintenance and repair work. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top five hard drive data recovery software applications. These products are picked based on their popularity and effectiveness at recovering documents.

Remo Undelete

Remo Undelete is a popular data recovery tool capable of retrieving documents from hard drives, zip disks, FireWire drives, digital camera cards, external drives, and many other types of external and internal storage devices. The product supports all Windows operating systems, including Windows 7.

The product itself has a very user-friendly interface which makes it effortless to step through the various filters and search options to scan for your files based on file type, location, size, etc. Importantly, the recovery tool uses a read only approach to scanning and cloning data which is a much safer option for data recovery (i.e. it doesn’t remove data clusters or interfere with the disk partitions).

The product provides a free trial scan which can be use as a comprehensive assessment of what documents are visible on your drive.

Remo Undelete | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

The data recovery software provides different scanning/search options based on full or partial file names and, similar to the Remo product, it uses a non-destructive approach to retrieving lost documents by merely cloning them rather than altering or manipulating the hard drive clusters.


PhotoRec is a hard drive data recovery tool which targets technically proficient users who don’t mind the fact that it only runs from the command line. While it doesn’t have the nice GUI of the other products listed here, it is highly effective at finding files, even in those instances when the master boot record has been corrupted or there are problems which are partition. In addition, the product is open source and will run on all operating systems.

Undelete Plus

Undelete Plus is one of those easy to use recovery tools that you will enjoy using. The product can scan FAT and NTFS file systems quite easily and provides you with a number of filters to limit your search is based on file type, location and even file size.

The capability to put a time limit on the scan is a useful add-on feature to halt the scan if it is taking too long. This may prove useful on larger drives where you are unsure of the directory location of a specific file.

The products capability to retain the folder structure of found files allows you to copy an entire section of deleted documents and directories intact. This feature is something which many of these types of products does not usually do, so can prove very useful.


Recuva is one of the newer breed of hard drive data recovery software applications in this list. The recovery tool provides a nice little wizard which steps you through the process of picking the search filters you wish to apply (based on directory locations, file types, etc).

The manual mode allows you to search for specific locations, which will prove handy if you are certain of what directory or specific folder your deleted file was in.

One neat little feature of the product is the ability to do a secure data cleanse of found files from the scan results. This is useful if you are selling on your PC and want to make sure that personal documents cannot be identified using data recovery software.

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