Recover Lost Data Software: Key Tools You Should Have Installed Always

by Rod Dunne on November 24, 2011

in Data Recovery

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Using any form of recover lost data software is prone to some problems. In particular, there is no certainty that data recovery tools will always be able to find your deleted or lost documents. In this post, I’ll show you some of the factors which can affect a fully successful data recovery.

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Problems can start arising as soon as you try and install your data recovery application. If you installed the application onto the same drive where the files were lost then there is the danger that your new installation files will immediately overwrite your lost documents. To prevent this, keep your data recovery application installed all the time or choose to install it into a secondary partition.

All data recovery applications try to piece together data clusters (which represent documents) on the hard drive memory. These clusters can be moved around the disk as a result of using bad sector repair tools or disk defragmentation utilities. These tools are often used to improve performance and reliability of your entire system as well as the disk access performance. You can avoid this by running the data recovery tool first before running these disk modifying applications.

Disk capacity can play a big part on how many of your lost files will be available. It stands to reason that as your disk reaches full capacity that the amount of space available to store new files increases and so any available space being used. This will include any lost or delayed occupants return not initially cleared. It’s recommend keeping 10% your hard drive left free empty at all times in order for virtual memory to expand. This also helps ensure recover lost data software is able to function correctly.

Finally, if data is lost due to formatting then the actual nature of formatting could impact the recovery drastically. If your formatting tool included a data cleaning sweep of the disk in this completely overwrites all data clusters with random data. No recover lost data software will be capable of finding your files once this happens.

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