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by Rod Dunne on March 14, 2011

in Data Recovery

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For many trying to recover formatted data freeware utilities are often the first option they will consider. Here I’ll show you some tools worth using along with some tips about how to get the most from these products.

Most standard type of data recovery application should be able to recover USB flash drive contents as well as internal hard disk data. This is due to the fact that they both support the FAT32 file system format and recovery software needs to be aware of this in order to scan your drive correctly.

Recommended Tools

As regards suitable tools to recover formatted data freeware, the following three are widely used:

  • Recuva - One of the more popular utilities and prove to be quite effective at finding documents under many circumstances.
  • PhotoRec - A basic user interface, but works effectively identifying lost, deleted or formatted files on internal or external hard drives.
  • Undelete Plus – Provides a nice user interface with basic scanning and analysis processes for identifying lost files.

Chances of success

You have the best chance of being able to recover formatted data using freeware shortly after the disk was actually formatted. This is due to the fact that any running of applications or storing files will gradually begin to overwrite the original data (from before the formatting was done).

It should also be noted that using freeware applications is a relatively safe task to do. These applications are only scanning the data clusters on the disk and not moving file fragments around. When you do it identify files you want it is important to copy them onto a separate partition (i.e. not the formatted disk) so that you do not overwrite any further data clusters.

There is a higher chance of success when using commercial utilities (e.g. Remo Undelete) since these applications have had more analysis done into how to compile data clusters on the memory into your files (in comparison to freeware utilities). Note that the formatting process does clear down the file allocation table which identifies how clusters are pieced together so some freeware applications may struggle to consolidate clusters.

Recommended Commercial Data Recovery Software

Remo Undelete: Works on IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives, SD Cards, Memory Sticks, Zip drives and USB hard drives, All Windows OS; Free trial scan.

Remo Undelete | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

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