Recover Deleted Data Using Software

by Rod Dunne on October 26, 2010

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Recover Deleted Data Using Software Simply And Quickly
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One of the more common computer repairs and maintenance tasks which nearly every PC owner will experience at some time is trying to recover deleted data that was removed by accident. In this article, we’ll show how to use software to recover deleted files from hard drive partitions quickly and simply.

Recover deleted files from recycle bin

Before trying to recover deleted data using software applications you should do one final check of the recycle bin to make sure the deleted documents are not there.

Each hard drive partition has its own recycle bin (located in the root folder) which will contain deleted documents that had once belonged in subdirectories of this partition. This applies to internal hard drive partitions and external storage devices (e.g. an external hard drive or USB memory device).

If you do locate the files you want in the appropriate recycle bin then you can simply recover deleted data by selecting the files and choosing ‘restore’ from the context menu. This will recover lost files back to their last known directory.

Suggested software to recover deleted files

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Recover deleted files from hard drive memory

If the recycle bin is empty then you will need to use appropriate data recovery software to recover deleted data.

  1. Download and install a suitable data recovery tool (see product suggestions in the section above).
  2. Run the application. Use the product’s scanning options to pick a hard drive from which you deleted a document for analysis. Most good utilities will allow you to filter the search options by file size, directory location and even document type which will help speed up the scanning process.
  3. The application will use the file allocation table associated with this hard drive to identify deleted documents and also read the hard disk memory looking for data clusters associated with the deleted documents.
  4. Pick the documents you need from the scan results and copy them over to a new folder on your computer or some other storage device.

Note: If you are installing an application after the file was deleted then use a secondary partition. You could run your chances of being able to retrieve deleted files by installing the application files in the same partition of the deleted documents (increasing the possibility of clusters being overwritten).

While computer repairs and maintenance tasks don’t come much easier than this, it is not guaranteed to succeed 100% of the time. You should realize that there is a greater chance of success if the tool is run soon after the documents were deleted. Any continued use of the PC will result in new documents being stored to the hard drive that can potentially begin overwriting the old deleted files. At worst, you may only be able to recover deleted data fragments.

Remo Undelete: FAT/NTFS support, Windows; Free trial scan.

Remo Undelete | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

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