Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive Sectors: Data Recovery Service Options

by Rod Dunne on December 7, 2011

in Data Recovery, Hardware

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The last resort when trying to recover data from crashed hard drive sectors is often to contact a data recovery service. Here, I’ll show you what services these experts can provide along with some tips about how to get the most out of their services.

Data recovery experts have done extensive training in the tools and techniques involved in data recovery. Their skills cover data retrieval from a wide range of electronic devices. Everything from phones, SD cards and dictaphones to laptops, desktops and iPads can be analyzed and scanned to retrieve lost data.


The techniques they use fall into two main areas: software recovery and mechanical recovery. Software recovery involves using applications (e.g. such as Remo Undelete) so scan hard drives and flash memory for any signs of documents. This process will only work if the drive itself is in a mechanically fit state.

Data recovery experts also have a range of forensic grade software applications which can do more in-depth analysis of electronic memory. These can even find recover data from crashed hard drive partitions which were formatted.

Mechanical recovery is the term used when the electronic device is damaged and requires additional tools/reading harnesses to actually read the data from the disk. This service works out being a lot more expensive generally (hundreds of dollars).


To get the most out of recovery services, here are some key tips to keep in mind.

  • Usage: Do not continue to try using the hardware if you suspect it is faulty. A seized spindle or read arm on a disk drive could cause more data loss if they come in contact with the disk platters
  • Packing: Always carefully package your memory/device/hard drive while in transit to the recovery experts. Any further sort of moisture/physical damage could impact results.
  • Get a quote: Most experts will do an initial analysis and provide you with a quote for their work. This is essential to establish before proceeding with mechanical recovery especially.

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