Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive Sectors by Repairing the Faults

by Rod Dunne on December 4, 2011

in Data Recovery, Hardware

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The fundamental way to recover data from crashed hard drive sectors when a system has developed a fault is to get to the root of the problem and resolve the fault. In this post I’ll guide you through some of the troubleshooting checks to perform in order to get to the root cause.


Your starting point with any problem like this is to be concerned that the system may be overheating. This can occur due to mechanical faults, fan damage, heat sink damage or blocked vents.

Begin your checks by going to the BIOS menu as the system boots up. In particular, you should check all diagnostic information (this varies from PC to PC). Locate the CPU temperatures and make sure they are within manufacturer guidelines. The fan speeds should also be reviewed to see that the fans are operating correctly.

If temperatures do appear to be a problem then start by making sure the PC is not being left too close to a heat source such as a radiator. Next, check the air vents are clear of dust.

You could also open the computer and confirm that the heat sink is securely attached to the CPU, all fan blades are rotating freely and that the fan filters are clear of dust.

Fixing OS & Application Issues

If overheating is not an issue then your next step is to analyze the software and OS programs. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use PC maintenance software such as XP Repair Pro to scan the drive for signs of faults. This product incorporates a registry cleaner and optimizer along with the ability to check your OS program files.

Once the OS is back working you can recover data from crashed hard drive sectors directly from the drive (you should back up this data to an external disk for safe keeping).

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