PC Freezes | Could Something You Installed Be At Fault?

by Rod Dunne on August 25, 2010

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The chances that your computer freezes up increase over time as new applications, services and hardware are installed, removed and customized. While PC freezes can be due to hardware faults in the worst case scenario, the majority of times it is due to some software/system file change that we, the users, make.

Here, we’ll look at the ways that we introduce these problems, along with common solutions to PC freezes.

My PC Freezes Up With A Certain Product

The most common type of PC freeze is when a single program consistently causes a computer to hang when running specific commands. It may be that the computer keeps crashing because the application is using up all your system RAM/CPU or is invoking operating system methods incorrectly due to buggy code.

If you’d rather hold on to the product and resolve why the PC freezes up then some options to consider are:

  • Check for program updates. Go to the application maker’s website and check for the latest patches. This PC speed up and repair approach works because many software developers include performance updates as well as bug fixes in patch updates.
  • Double-check the program you installed is supported on your OS version and that your PC specification (CPU, disk space & RAM) meets the minimum specification requirements of the product. This can especially be the case when an older laptop keeps freezing.
  • Search online for customer support tickets and user forums that detail the same fault. If others have seen the problem then there could already be a fix/workaround that you could attempt.
  • If you extensively customized the product (e.g. adding several add-ons to browsers) then roll back your changes or reinstall the program to start afresh.

However, the brutal approach to resolving the issue is to remove the application if you don’t require it. The install shield will roll back registry problem for you and hopefully resolve the PC freeze. You could then install a competitor’s product that does the same task.

See also: How to fix slow computer performance.

My PC Keeps Freezing Randomly

Anytime my PC freezes on a more random pattern then it can be more difficult to pinpoint the problematic application that caused the issue. One single program change/removal can impact registry keys shared by several applications and therefore lead to the more random PC freeze. In this situation, you need to look at what system files can be affected and try to fix them.

  • Virus Damage: The inadvertent introduction of adware, spyware or other virus types can overwrite program files and damage the registry. Run a full disk scan with an updated anti-virus program to detect and resolve any found bugs.
  • Registry Corruption: The Windows registry can develop faults as programs are customized, installed and removed. Manually modifying the file is not recommended so stick to using registry cleaners to repair the file (e.g. Registry Easy or XP Repair Pro).

Hopefully, one of the tips here will resolve why your PC keeps freezing. If not, then your issue may be due to hardware problems (e.g. a faulty hard drive sector) which you should investigate or seek professional assistance to repair.

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