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This PC Booster review highlights how this tool can help fix computers that are running slow. The review is based on the 2010 edition.

PCBooster has been around for a number of years now, with upgrade versions appearing yearly. This in itself is a positive sign to see as there is a large customer base for the product (and you can be sure that any niggling bugs or issues have been ironed out).


PC Booster installs using Installshield within a few short minutes. Once the application is started it is possible to just run the auto-tune feature from the simple interface. This did speed up my PC by over 7%.

The graphic reports it displays show the ‘before and after’ results which was a good way of visualizing the improvements (rather than second guess if it made any difference). It is worth saving these reports to if you are sending your PC off to a computer service technician to get extra RAM memory added – just to see if the changes managed to speed up Windows at all.

For many users the auto-tune feature is the real selling point. Anyone with technical skills could conceivably make the changes that PCBooster does to the system for themselves (boot services, memory, hardware configurations, internet configuration, etc.). But in reality, it would take a lot longer to manually make these changes in comparison to the 3 minutes it took PC Booster.

Similar tools such, as RegCure, Uniblue Registry Booster and XP Repair Pro, also go for this marketing approach to target a variety of users (novice & advanced) and it gives the product a longer lifespan as users discover the variety of settings.

Support and Services

The software makers (Inklineglobal.com) have an extensive support section on their website for PC Booster that includes technical support, video tutorials and sales/refund support.

Value Added Features

The addition of the memory optimization tool is a nice new feature. I have seen similar tools before, but this just works very simply by providing a button to free up cache memory and speed up laptop / desktop performance instantly.

This is especially useful when browsing the web with Flash heavy sites. The Flash technology has an unfortunate tendency of hogging resources, even when you move on to another site, so being able to free up some RAM does save you from constantly restarting browsers.

Our registry cleaner comparison article details three of PC booster’s competitors to see how they compare.

Possible Disadvantages/Needless Features

The addition of diagnostic and repair tools for hard disk drives seems a little unnecessary. There are already plenty of disk defragmentation tools on the market (e.g. Regtool) to speed up PC disk access times. See our post – how to speed up my computer – for more performance improvement tips.

That said, having this feature in the one tool does make it convenient for me speed up my PC all from the one application when doing a monthly PC service.


PC Booster has a large user base for a very good reason – it quickly and safely speed up PC performance. The auto-tune feature makes it usable by IT beginners and the features are well documented for new & advanced users to easily make great use out of.

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