Part Time Computer Repair Jobs | Where To Start Looking

by Rod Dunne on February 25, 2011

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Finding part time computer repair jobs is not as easy as it used to be. The declining economic climate has meant there are a lot more people looking for these types of roles. Here I’ll show you some of the job advertisement channels worth considering.

The starting point for many people will still be the major job websites. These provide a great way of searching for computer repair jobs anywhere in the country let alone location. You can also set up different notification agents so that you get contacted whenever a suitable role is posted.

When using these job websites you should keep a broad mind when looking for specific role titles. Part time computer repair jobs may be referred to as computer service technician work, computer support technicians, field technicians or even bench technicians. As a result, you have to delve further into the job specification to establish what the role entails and if you have the suitable capabilities.

A less competitive way of finding part time computer repair jobs is via technology specific forums. If you have a specific expertise (e.g. repairing Apple computers, data recovery, etc.) then you should seek out some of the high-volume technology forum. Many allow employers to specifically post details the roles are trying to fill.

More specifically, you should also check any local community websites for your area where individuals/companies may be trying to fill specific situations or looking for help in specific computer repair tasks.

The old school approach of contacting employers directly is still very valid. And you should also be contacting employment agencies too in your area. If you’re aware of computer repair shops and services in your region then try contacting each with an introductory letter along with your resume and relevant experience.

Many of these firms will probably use online job boards to fill roles but you would be surprised how many positions are filled simply because a resume arrived just as someone was required.

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