Finding Online Data Entry Jobs

by Rod Dunne on October 12, 2010

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Online data entry jobs have made it possible for individuals to work from home with greater flexibility and control over their own careers, whether that involves working as transcription/call centre operators or on an online computer repair help desk. In this article, we will look at some of the search strategies you can use for finding these types of roles along with the scams you need to be careful of.

Avoiding The Scams

Due to the nature of doing data entry jobs from home, there is an implicit trust required that the company behind the operation actually exists and will ultimately pay you for your work. This trust has to be earned or alternatively has to be established by you carefully choosing a company that you have researched well.

You should only pursue online data entry jobs without investment upfront. If there is any hint of you needing to pay money upfront to join the service, pay for any sort of training courses or purchase any books or other materials, then you should walk away. All legitimate home based data entry jobs will not expect you to have to do this and should provide their own materials (including software) free of charge.

You should be careful of pursuing any want-ads in the employment section of newspapers as these are one of the more traditional areas for where scammers advertise their data entry at home work. The problem is that newspapers will not check that these companies are legitimate and so these people can get away with putting up these false advertisements.

Effective Search Strategies For Home Based Data Entry Jobs

Your starting point for finding legitimate roles is to use some of the larger employment websites online. These websites will quickly identify if roles are indeed scams and weed them out. In addition, they take on board any user feedback from people that have been affected by scan advertisers, so you at least have some form of protection from scammers.

Secondly, you should also check the jobs sections of corporate websites relating to companies in your region or area. Even though you do not intend working on their premises, it can be worth using a local company which you can check up on more easily (i.e. through friends or colleagues who may know the company or directly contacting the firm). In addition, if you get the opportunity to attend for an interview then you get the chance to check out exactly what this firm is like and establish the legitimacy of their operation.

Roles & Types Of Online Data Entry Jobs

Searching for data entry jobs from home is made a little more difficult due to the fact that many roles will not be explicitly advertised as telecommuting roles. You may need to look more closely at job specifications in order to establish the fact that some roles involve a great deal of data entry work that can be done from home.

As an example, many transcription/translation roles involve a large amount of data entry and are quite easily done from home. Likewise, many call centre/helpdesk roles are now performed by individuals working from home and there is an implied amount of data entry work when capturing customer information. In addition, freelance writing is one of the more common data entry role that you can pursue, but is rarely advertised as such.

In conclusion, as long as you target online data entry jobs without investment upfront and keep a broad search technique (i.e. not getting hung up on job titles), it should be possible to find legitimate companies offering genuine work opportunities.

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