Finding Online Computer Repair Jobs

by Rod Dunne on January 19, 2011

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Searching for online computer repair jobs requires knowing what types of roles are available, which channels to use and what types of companies are hiring. Here I’ll focus on him search techniques for finding the right jobs.

Roles to target

Before even beginning to search for computer repair jobs it is essential to understand what types of roles exist. Computer service technicians provide hands-on technical expertise installing and repairing computers. By contrast a computer support technician provides a supporting role by phone/web channels to customers.

Many roles can be further split out according to whether you work in the field or are a bench technician (i.e. working from the one location). Field technicians generally get paid more due to the fact that they need to be more independent and have a broader skill set in order to work on client sites.

Search online by role

Searching for these types of roles is often best started on the major job websites. Many companies will advertise directly through these larger sites looking for local representatives partitions. You should also check out any technical support boards or forums as employers may target specific technologies/skills.

It is also worth contacting companies directly along with your resume. Many of the smaller computer repair shops would have more immediate needs for staff so would welcome receiving resumes directly. This can often mean you can find a role that is more suited to your current location.

Target companies

When searching for online computer repair jobs you should also consider which types of companies you target. We’ve already mentioned the computer repair shops, but you should also consider consultancy roles too. These invariably involve field technician work to a greater extent where you are on client sites supporting services and products.

Finally, it is also worth considering freelance roles where you can become your own boss and even work part-time further companies as a contract specialist. This can involve once off roles or short term positions.

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