Notebook Data Recovery Services And Software

by Rod Dunne on August 2, 2010

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Notebook hard drive capacity has expanded over the past decade allowing us to store huge volumes of data on these portable computers. This can make it all the more irritating if we need to recover lost data after a computer error/accidental deletions/formatting.

Here we’ll look at notebook data recovery software for retrieving deleted/formatted files, and data recovery services for those times when the notebook hard drive develops a fault.

Notebook Data Recovery Software

Hard drive data recovery from a notebook is similar to other forms of computers. If your computer is running fine (i.e. it can boot up properly and the disk can be read) then you just need to find the right software that supports the FAT32 file system. If notebook repairs are required, then it will make more sense to use data recovery services/experts.

Notebook data recovery software all operate by scanning the hard drive for the remnants of deleted/formatted documents. File deletion/formatting will never thoroughly clean hard drive data off of the disk. Recovery software can search the drive for data clusters that constitute a single document and reading the file allocation table (FAT) for documents that have been cleared of directory attributes.

Some suggested tools are:

  • Remo Undelete ($49 approx.): Works on notebook, desktops and flash memory devices. Comes with a free scan so you can check the notebook hard drive for files before purchasing.

NOTE: It is worth pointing out that these tools have a better chance of finding files if used promptly after the deletion/formatting has occurred. This is due to the fact that deleted documents have their data clusters flagged on the notebook hard drive as available for reuse to the operating system, so will duly be overwritten as the notebook is used. In addition, formatted data recovery will struggle to find files if hard drive eraser applications were used.

Data Recovery Services

Data recovery services specialize in recovering data from hard drives in any machines, numerous media types and from various storage devices. And notebook data recovery is no different for them.

If your notebook hard drive has a fault (for example, the notebook fails to start; the disk makes a scratching noise which may be due to the disk bearings/heads seizing up) then you should definitely seek out data recovery services rather than attempt the hard drive data recovery for yourself.

These experts will (i) analyze the problem (ii) provide you with an estimate for notebook repairs/data recovery then (iii) proceed to get your data back. Some effort should also be made to complete any computer maintenance and repair work in order to get your notebook operational once more.

Notebook data recovery from a faulty/damaged notebook hard drive will prove to be the most expensive activity (possibly over $400 depending on the damage).

A simple hard drive data recovery using their own specialist software should work out a lot cheaper though (possibly as cheap as $100 depending on the amount of work required).

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