My Computer Keeps Restarting With A Blue Screen

by Rod Dunne on September 30, 2011

in Hardware, Performance

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On those rare occasions when my computer keeps restarting with a blue screen then there are a few key ways to troubleshoot the issue and getting the system back running again. In this post, I’ll sure the key things to check for different ways to get the system rebooted once again.

Your starting point is to take note of what blue screen message/code is displayed on screen. It usually details an error code and message. Use this code and message to research online (via a second PC) the root cause.

If you are in luck then it relates to a specific piece of hardware. For example if you recently installed an external drive then it may be due to hardware conflicts that could be resolved simply by removing the new peripheral/component.

If it relates to software faults then check the Windows support site to see what recommendations they provide for fixing the specific applications.

In general there are a couple of ways to get your system booting up once again. Your first option is to boost the system in safe mode [selected by hitting the F10 key as Windows boots and choosing the option in the advanced boot menu].

Running the computer in safe mode reduces the number of applications and services that are allowed to run so may actually omit the problematic piece of software. Once the system starts in safe mode you are able to run anti-virus scan for signs of malicious programs that may have caused the blue screen and/or running the software repairs.

One way to automate the software repairs in safe mode is to use a PC maintenance software service such as XP Repair Pro. This is able to scan your operating system files, the registry and device drivers for signs of any corruption. Repairs can be made using healthy registry key settings from online repository and missing or corrupted files can be replaced using an online data store of over 20 million Windows files. Their free scan can be used to do a health status report (to identify potential file/system problems).

If my computer keeps restarting with a blue screen even in safe mode then it is time to resort to the emergency boot disks. This is really a last resort option. It allows you to run various bad sector checks, error scans, etc.

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