My Computer Keeps Restarting Over and Over: Critical Software Checks to Do

by Rod Dunne on March 10, 2011

in Hardware, Performance

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If my computer keeps restarting over and over then there are a number of different checks and ways to analyze the issue. Here I’ll show you how to trying to back into the PC in order to analyze the fault.

You should start by checking the BIOS menu. Make sure that the system is not overheating by reviewing the fan speeds and CPU temperatures to make sure they are within limits. If the system is overheating then it could constantly overheat and the CPU and hard drive will rapidly begin degrading in performance.

One possible way to get the system started once again is to resort to using the safe mode. This can be activated by hitting the F10 key as the system is starting up in order to access the advanced options. Run the system in safe-mode will reduce the number of services that are initialized as the system boots. If the problem relates to one of these services then you will be able to bypass the issue.

Once you have been able to start the system in safe-mode then you can proceed to do an anti-virus check, registry scan and any other type of PC repairs. You should check the Event Viewer log file [start/run/eventvwr] to establish what messages were thrown in the moments before the system crashed/restarted.

You can automate the OS/application repairs using a product like XP Repair Pro. This utility can scan your system for signs of corruption or damage. Faults are repaired using an online repository of healthy configuration settings (for the registry keys) and a data store of healthy Windows OS files.

If my computer keeps restarting even in safe-mode then you might have to resort to booting from an emergency boot disk. The Microsoft support website provides versions of these if you do not still have the disks that came with your system. In addition, the Reimage website can provide you with the download file the commute burnt to disk and used as an emergency boot disk.

Starting up the PC from boot disk allows you to make similar checks to the ones listed above for viruses, registry faults, etc.

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