My Computer Keeps Restarting by Itself – Help is at Hand

by Rod Dunne on December 6, 2011

in Hardware, Performance

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Whenever my computer keeps restarting by itself then the priority is to get back into the Windows OS in order to run anti-virus scans, registry checks and OS repair programs. Here I’ll show you some of the techniques for getting the system restarted.

Safe mode boot

Your first option is to try booting the system in safe mode. This is one of the options in the advanced menu which can be accessed by hitting the F10 key as the system is booting up. Running Windows this way reduces the number of services and applications that are invoked as the operating starts up (hopefully excluding the problematic service that causes the restart).


Once the computer has booted up, run anti-virus scans of the entire drive for signs of bugs and use a registry cleaner or PC maintenance software to check for OS faults.

Corrupt system files?

One recommended tool you could use is XP Repair Pro which can scan device drivers, operating system programs and the registry file for signs of damage. The product currently has a free trial scan which will help you identify automatic files.

Try using emergency boot disks to start after fatal errors

If my computer keeps restarting by itself even in safe mode then it may be necessary to use the emergency boot disks. These were traditionally provided with every new computer (as floppy disks) but this occurs less so these days due to cost-cutting by manufacturers.

You can however download the files from the Windows support site and copy them onto floppy disks. Note that there are different emergency boot disks depending on your operating system version. The boot disks will bypass the Windows OS and start up the system in a very basic mode. You can then run a disk error checks, antivirus software and other types of scans.

Some data recovery software is capable of retrieving files even when the operating system is nonfunctional so there is always a last resort option even if the boot disks do not work you.

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