HDD Repair Software: Which Tools Work Best?

by Rod Dunne on December 8, 2011

in Hardware

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There are a number of different HDD repair software choices available. This can make it difficult to decide which one to choose. In this article I’ll show you a reliable way of choosing which product is best for your system.

If you do experience bad sectors or other corruption to the hard drive then your first inclination is to work out how to retrieve your data are fix the problem. If the disk is operational then you should of course start by backing up your data.

  1. A good starting point for doing HDD repairs is to use Windows own disk checking utility. Their HDD repair software is provided with all OS versions and can scan for and attempt to repair bad sectors on the disk. Any sectors which cannot be repaired will be enabled unavailable to use for future storage to make sure that no for data loss occurs. [Windows Explorer, right-click on drive, properties, Tools tab, Check Now button].
  2. Your next option is to consider what manufacturer tools are available. Check the manufacturer website to see if they have any of their own HDD repair software utilities made available. These types of products are regularly used in-house for doing repairs so they may already have these products available (or at least recommend suitable tools).
  3. Finally, you could choose a commercial option. Oddly enough, there are not too many hard drive repair tools available on the market, presumably due to the fact that each hardware device can differ so much from the next.

Of the current batch of HDD repair applications available, two of the best are HDD Regenerator and HD Tune Pro. Both of these products offer a different array of disk checking features to scan for a variety of software and mechanical faults. They won’t however be able to repair physical damage to the disk.

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