HDD Bad Sector Repair Tips and Tools

by Rod Dunne on January 21, 2011

in Hardware

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HDD bad sector repair is something which thankfully does not have to be done too often. However when sectors become corrupted due to mechanical or software faults it is good to know what products you can use. Here I’ll show you some of the Windows OS tools to use along with some third-party tools that can do advanced repairs.

Always backup first!

The starting point when doing any type of HDD bad sector repair is to back up your data. This is essential just in case the drive is experiencing a mechanical fault. Problems with the spindle, misaligned read/write heads or a damaged disk platter could all cause corruption to sectors. Backup your data first just in case your repairs are unsuccessful.

Windows Disk Check

Windows provides a disk checking utility as part of its own error checking tool suite. This product can scan individual drives and attempt to repair the sectors that are damaged. Any sectors that cannot be repaired will be flagged as unavailable for future storage so that you will not lose any data later stage.

The error checking tool is found as follows:

  1. Double-click on the My Computer icon.
  2. Pick the disk you want to check for faults.
  3. Right click on its icon and then select properties.
  4. In the properties dialog, choose the tools tab.
  5. Hit the Check Now button at the top of the tools tab.
  6. Each OS has its own range of selections at this point. In general, go for any option to scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors. Begin your scan.

After using any HDD bad sector repair tool it is still worth backing up your data on a regular basis. This is essential just in case is a mechanical fault may go on further to damage other elements of the partition.

Other tool providers

Unfortunately, third-party products are not widely available for HDD bad sector repair. Two products that are well-received and critically approved of are HDD Regenerator and HD Tune Pro. Both these products provide advanced error-checking capabilities and sector recovery.

Finally, one final thought is to check with the manufacturer of your computer hard drive to see if they have their own disk repair tools. Many will already have these tools for doing their own in-house repairs and may already make them available to customers.

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