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by Rod Dunne on November 15, 2010

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Registry damage can occur quite easily due to viruses or application problems on your PC. Many users will resort to using free registry fix programs to resolve these issues, since the problems only occur infrequently. In this article, we’ll focus on some of the computer maintenance software you can use, along with the precautions you need to take when picking a freeware application.

Totally free registry fix software

Any free registry error fix program needs to be carefully considered with a healthy amount of caution. After all, the Windows registry is one of the most critical operating system files use recovering all the applications and user information on your machine. So, you really need to be careful about which applications you allow to make modifications to it.

One of the safer tools around is CCleaner which has been around for years and has a large enough customer base already (which is a seal of approval as regards how effective it can be). Crucially, it has its own registry backup/restore feature which allows you to make copies of the Windows registry which you can rollback to if faults. It’s also worth using if you are testing out other applications in order to maintain a healthy working version of the file.

When considering any free registry fix software, there are a number of things to look out for:

  • Choose a program with a large customer base. Most download sites detail how many people have already downloaded/installed the application.
  • Choose a program with a large amount of positive reviews. Again, download sites are the best source for this data.
  • Choose a program that has a backup/restore function so that you can rollback changes if the application actually makes more damage than it repairs.

One additional check that you can make is to try running the free scan from a commercial tool (e.g. Reimage) to see how many registry faults the commercial tools can identify in comparison to a freeware application. You can then decide which free application to run based on the quantity and quality of registry fixes it was capable of finding.

Maintaining registry backups is the easiest free registry fix

One totally free registry fix you can use an ongoing basis is to maintain backup copies of the registry file. You can either use a freeware application (as above) to do this or resort to using manual techniques as detailed on the Microsoft website (the process is different for each operating system so you need to filter the results based on which OS you have installed).

Don’t forget about System Restore

Lastly, one free registry error fix that many people overlook is using the System Restore application provided with Windows (accessories > system tools). This application allows you to repair damage done to the registry by rolling back to earlier saved versions.

The program maintains these backup versions every time applications are installed or Windows update service is being run and stores the date stamped copies on the hard drive, just in case you need to rollback changes. You can simply launch the application and select a previous date and the application will roll back these system files (and other OS programs) to the earlier saved version upon reboot.

The two precautions when using the tool is first to try and use the most recent snapshot on the hard drive as this will have the least amount of changes. Secondly, the number of snapshots stored on the hard drive is dependent on the amount of free space on the disk so if your disk is reaching full capacity then the amount of snapshots will be relatively small.

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